Monday, February 11, 2013

More Tibetan Goodies

Ready for the gong show.  Gong ringing is traditionally used to start and stop meditation sessions in group practice.  Also many people use them to make a ringing or singing sound when the striker is rotated around the inner top of the bowl.  
Small hand held prayer wheels of many colors and jeweled inlays.  Even a red crucifix in lower right for sale.
More Tibetan style jewelry.  On right there seem to be small crystal dorjes which are usually brass and have either five or nine prongs on each end, symbolizing the thunderbolt as well as a diamond.
Some statues of Tara, who serves as a savioress in tantric Buddhism, probably the inspiration of the Chinese figure of Kuan Yin, as pointed out by John Blofeld, who studied and practiced Buddhism in China just before the Communists came to power. Some wrist malas above, and ritual choppers below on table
Some ritual masks, possibly of wrathful deity Mahakala.  Below appear to be some table top prayer wheels that can be turned by a sweeping hand motion against them. 
Closeup of masks.  They appear to be life size, if not too delicate could be worn in ritual dancing.

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