Thursday, February 28, 2013

George Harrison's Spiritual Quest

Some of the old  European veneration of the sun seems to continue in psychedelic-influenced rock lyrics.  In the past Persian Mithra, the Greek Phoibos Apollo (radiant Apollo), and Roman Sol invictus (unconquerable sun) were major solar deities worshiped in the classical world.  The Sixties seemed to resurrect these religions in another form.

Here is the other side of George: the Hare Krishna devotee.  This is what is termed a bhakti or devotional yoga, as opposed to other types, such as jnana yoga (path of knowledge, scholarship), karma yoga (path of action, service to others) and raja yoga (way of meditation).  There is a book out now called Working Class Mystic that chronicles his spiritual journey, I haven't read it, but it sounds reliable, the book is described here

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