Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Learning Windows 8

Spending entire New Year's extended weekend trying to learn the new operations system so I can use new IdeaPad Lenovo Z580 laptop…poring through each word of Windows 8 for Dummies and making innumerable mouse clicks to follow through the lessons.  Now I know what kind of lifestyle the medieval scribes had.

Set up a nice picture on my desktop background, found it on my other computer:


This is a somewhat fanciful buddhist shrine set up for some art exhibition, but incorporates the essentials of a vajrayana style shrine.

So far I’m only at chapter 8 but actually understanding what I’m reading.  I notice the author incorporates a lot of old techniques from past Windows systems that are now part of the desktop portion of W8; a lot of stuff I should have learned before but glossed over.

All this coffee-enhanced effort is the more necessary since I will soon have to use W8 on a new computer system at work, so I want to hit the ground running as they say.  I have read a lot of negative things about W8 online, and so when I asked our computer guru his opinion, I was surprised when he said he really liked it.  So I will reserve judgment until I finish the learning process and start using it everyday.

Wish me luck.

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