Friday, January 11, 2013

Geishas out West?

An intriguing painting found at an auction, what could be two Geishas eating sushi with beer and saki at a Japanese restaurant that happened to have a painting of a desert scene on the wall, could also be taken to represent them inside a train cabin looking through a window at the sun setting over the Arizona desert.  
The writing to the right refers to sushi items like tuna, octopus, ell and mackerel and even the sign in front of the saguaro cactus refers to roasted fish, green soybeans, tempura, and various quantities of sake.  I once did an Internet search for Japanese paintings or painters who might have included such subjects, and thought I found one but then when I tried to go back to it, could not find it.  It could well have been done by a gaijin or non-Japanese, there doesn't seem to be any name on the front or back.

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