Monday, February 28, 2005

Ignoring the Gorillas in the Living Room

Everyone knows N. Korea and Iran's nuclear capacity/ambitions are the most dangerous threats to world peace. And everyone knows the United States has the capability to neutralize those threats in a day's time using its tactical nuclear weapons. And everyone knows this won't happen...but why not??? Communist China could easily bring N. Korea to its knees through closing the border, but does not. Why? Because after all, N. Korea is also a Communist country, albeit bizarrely backward economically. So they dither. So either we make it clear to them we are going to nuke the N. Korean military and allow the South Koreans to liberate the country, or we tell the Chinese Reds we are going to give Japan and the Republic of Taiwan nuclear weapons.

If we can't stop the crazy N. Koreans from spreading nuclear weapons around the world to every mullah and tinpot dictator who hates America, then what's the difference if Japan and Taiwan get them too? I think Communist China would cave in and agree to push the nutty regime in N. Korea to relinquish nuclear weapons pronto, rather than have their age-old enemies across the sea gain the nuclear equalizer.

As far as Iran is concerned, they are obviously hoping the dictator Putin of Russia will provide them with nuclear technology and also protect them from American attack. But if Putin is such a cretin that at his European visit with President Bush, he belligerently asked Bush why the US government fired Dan Rather and the CBS screwups, why should we trust his relationship with a fellow dictatorship in Iran? This guy is totally misinformed.

The only drawback to nuking the Iranian nuclear power plants is that it would probably turn the majority pro-American population against us, given the emotional appeal of nationalism. However, what should we do, sit on our butts waiting for the Iranian people to overthrow their obnoxious fanatical leaders, who would kill as many of them as it took to repress the revolt, or just zap their nuclear facilities once and for all? After all, these nuts make no secret of their desire to destroy Israel as soon as they have the military capability. Do you think we are not close behind on their list?

So the upshot of the deal is: Bush has to clean up the mess left behind by Clinton who wanted to be adored on the international scene rather than make tough decisions. When rogue regimes disregard international law and start spouting nuclear wings, they become dangerous outlaws to be shot on sight. It is the world's duty to destroy these outlaw regimes who starve and mutilate their own peoples, and replace them with freely elected governments responsible to their citizens. Otherwise, some day soon we will get out our maps and have to start scratching out our cities one by one as they go up in radioactive smoke.


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