Saturday, February 12, 2005

Avalon here we come

Has anyone seen this weird cyperspace Japanese/Polish film called Avalon? I caught last half or so of it tonight on TV....more interesting and less pretentious than kung-fu crazed Matrix, gives some disturbing thoughts about nature of human competition. One aspect of this game-playing culture that ties in with Castaneda for example is the tonal/nagual duality; that is, no matter how soaring one's spiritual experiences are, if one does not take practical and boring care of the physical body, then "the game" and all of one's vast and complex intellectual/mystical experiences are lost and don't mean anything, period....but that if one integrates body and mind in a perhaps heavyhanded way, then one can benefit from such experiences and be a boon to humanity, in the classic heroic pattern as outlined so well by Joseph Campbell.....

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