Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Jones Out

It is wonderful how how Associated Press can "report" the resignation of Van Jones, a self-declared Communist and Marxist, without mentioning those two words. If Jones had not resigned they would undoubtedly have continued to bury the controversy he aroused, as one after another of his past statements was uncovered. Obviously AP is still acting as Obama's watchdog, under-reporting his flaws and over-reporting his virtues. Even Wikipedia froze editing of their Van Jones article last night, and refused to allow anyone to describe Jones as a Communist.

Of course liberals don't think we should be afraid of Communists in our government anymore...but the obvious response to that is the fundamental hostility of Marxism to a limited concept of government as embodied in our Constitution. Marxist theory presupposes the supremacy of government in all phases of life, until a perfect state of communism arises of course, when society becomes classless and stateless. Of course, until that utopia comes, the iron hand of of the state must be wielded with harsh discipline to obliterate the parasitic bourgeoisie.

One cannot but suspect liberals don't care about the Constitution either, every day they are inventing new "rights" government bureaucrats must insure...the right to force others to provide people with anything that pops into their heads, food, shelter, health care, a job, dignity and so on. As if people were so guileless they had no idea how to go about providing these things for themselves. The only real rights we have are those that do not coerce others into taking care of us, such as the right to free speech and press, bear arms, life, liberty, property, due process and so on. All these other so-called rights are just an excuse to create a super Nanny state run by omnipotent bureaucrats. All powers not granted to the federal government are supposed to be reserved to the citizenry.

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